Egg Trouble sorgt für Chaos im Verkehr

Easter Egg Trouble at MobileKids

Eier, überall sind Eier auf den Straßen! Chaos zu Ostern droht. Hilf Moki das zu verhindern und spiele jetzt Egg Trouble!

Rabbit jumping
For children


In the role of the Easter bunny you have to jump over obstacles. Speed and level of difficulty heighten increasingly. Play now!

For children

High-speed descent with the Xmas Slalom

Christmas is Moki's favourite time of year. But, as usual, he's way behind and has to rush. Help Moki to pick up some presents for his friends on the way down!


Fit for cycling

MobileKids is now preparing children to be safe cyclists by devoting a separate module to the topic of cycling as part of its educational materials. With knowledge modules, exercises and implementation ideas for schools.


Staying safe throughout winter

Poor visibility and adverse weather conditions put young road users at risk in particular. Tips on how to cope with the dark months.

Autonomous driving

The future belongs to autonomous driving

A vehicle that accelerates, overtakes and brakes all on its own? The technology of autonomous driving is set to make it a reality.


On the MobileKids discovery tour at the 2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show

Three levels, eight stations and a prize for the right answer to the quiz question. The MobileKids discovery tour brings the Frankfurt International Motor Show to life for children. From 14 September in Frankfurt/Main.


On the discovery tour at the Mercedes-Benz Gallery in Berlin

Mobility of the future - only a subject for adults? Not in the Mercedes-Benz Gallery. Two pupil paid a visit on behalf of MobileKids.

Safety Map

Danger spots in front of schools

Busy roads in front of schools are always danger spots. Such as this crossroad in Berlin.


Cycling with horsepower

Pedelecs and e-bikes are on the advance, and not only in the city. They combine the advantages of a car with those of a bike. Our latest magazine article takes a look at this trend.

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