Learning road safety at school
MobileKids School Days winners 2014/2015: Introducing Germany's fittest MobileKids from Brander Feld elementary school

Elementary school classes throughout Germany were invited to enter the MobileKids School Days 2014/2015. Specified task: "Carry out a sustainable road safety project with added value together with your pupils". The winning school in this nationwide competition on the subject of road safety has now been decided.

During the MobielKids School Days road safety has a huge priority in elementary
These are Germany's fittest MobileKids.

Germany's fittest MobileKids in this school year come from Aachen! Brander Feld elementary school saw off the competition with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary project pursuing a peer-to-peer approach. The children of classes 1a and 1b got to grips with road safety in a 10-part course of lessons. Topics covered included "Seeing and being seen", "How do I get to school?" "Taking notice of noises" and "Dangers on the way to school". True to their adopted motto "Taking responsibility for one another", two classes from the third year mentored the first-year children, providing them with help and advice.

The "guideline" over the blackboard kept the pupils up to date at all times on
The "guideline" over the blackboard kept the pupils up to date at all times on where they were within the teaching unit. (Source: Brander Feld elementary school)

As part of the MobileKids School Days, the first-year pupils first of all explored their respective routes to school, discovered danger spots and marked the routes covered on a city map. It soon became apparent that many of the children live quite near to one another. Using the city maps, the children agreed meeting points at which the first-year pupils were to assemble and be picked up by a mentor from the third year. This means that now (and in future) they no longer need to make their way to school on their own and can rely on help and advice from their older schoolmates at danger spots.

In the course of the MobileKids School Days, the topic of road safety was also integrated into other subjects. In mathematics lessons, for example, the children applied "taxi geometry" to the city map, calculating actual distances from A to B. The children were also acquainted with the different shapes of traffic signs and their meanings, for example. In music lessons, the focus was on the different sounds in road traffic. With their eyes closed, the first-year pupils first of all listened to sounds from a CD, including harmless sounds such as bird calls, church bells or pedestrians, and warning sounds such as car hooters or sirens. Their alertness having been duly sharpened, they concentrated on listening to the sounds that reached them through an open window. To their amazement, the children now consciously heard sounds that they had previously tended to block out. The aim was to instil an awareness of acoustic signals in road traffic. The children from Brander Feld elementary school then set about exploring the area around the school, benefiting from supervision by a road safety mentor and learning to interpret road signs and sounds, rightly claiming the title of Germany's fittest MobileKids in the process!

Exploring the city map together. (Source: Brander Feld elementary school)
Exploring the city map together. (Source: Brander Feld elementary school)

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