MobileKids is looking for the world's funniest road sign

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No witches! Caution: Wombats for the next 10 km! Caution: Wheelchair users rolling down the hill may roll into alligators! Whereas some road signs are sensible and control traffic, others seem to be there purely for entertainment value. is looking for the world's funniest road sign! And you can help choose it!

Vorschaubild Aktion

MobileKids users can vote for the world's funniest road sign now. How? It's easy! Road signs will appear randomly on the homepage. If you like what you see, either click on the symbol [heart] or swipe the image towards the [heart]. This road sign will then receive a point. If you don't like the road sign, however, click or swipe towards [zZZ]. In this case, the road sign gets no points. Once you have decided whether you like the road sign or not, another road sign will appear randomly. You can then decide again whether to award this road sign a point (click or swipe towards [heart]) or not (click or swipe towards [zZZ]).

Send in your own photos of funny road signs!

Have you found a funny road sign, too? Then upload your photo here. Who knows, maybe your photo will soon be crowned the funniest road sign of the month. Important: You must own the rights to the photo, i.e. you must have taken the photo yourself. By sending in the photo, you agree to it being posted on