MobileKids School Campaign

During the 2017/18 school year, we again went on the search for exciting and playful primary-school road safety projects as part of the MobileKids school campaign.

+++ We have chosen the four winners of the 2017/18 school campaign! +++

43 primary school classes from eleven German states participated in the MobileKids contest on road safety. As the prize, we organised a school bus training for the winning classes in Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Rhineland-Palatinate. Learn more about the winning classes here.

These are the four contest categories

Category 1 – Bike safety

Create a cycling proficiency course or develop a roadworthiness test in the bike workshop. This category is all about cycle safety.

Category 2 – School route planning

Organise some pedestrian training sessions or exercises on such topics as 'See and be seen'. Or why not plan a safe route to school using our interactive MobileKids Safety Map (p. 13) and submit that?

Category 3 – Creative workshop

Present a road safety topic of your choice in an imaginative way: photo collages, pictures, models, videos – be as creative as you like!

Category 4 – Road knowledge

Together with your students, answer a short online questionnaire about the MobileKids educational material and some general road safety topics.

Our tip: Increase your chances by entering more than one of the categories.