MobileKids School Campaign

Get involved! As part of the nationwide MobileKids schools campaign, we're on the lookout for exciting and fun road safety projects in primary schools. Winners will be chosen in four categories. The MobileKids school bus will stop off at each winning school on its tour. For one whole morning, the schoolchildren in the winning classes will receive practical road safety training, including exercises focussing on the blind spot or what to look out for when getting in and out of vehicles, to name just two examples.

MobileKids school campaign. This is how it works. It is very easy for schools to participate: Interested schools can register here. They receive a guide with project suggestions and materials. Many of the 15,000 primary schools throughout Germany organise individual, creative projects, either as part of lessons or during special project weeks. The best concepts submitted are presented on the website. The winners can look forward to a visit from the MobileKids school bus tour with some practical road safety training.

The competition categories

Category 1 – Bike safety

Create a cycling proficiency course or develop a roadworthiness test in the bike workshop. This category is all about cycle safety.

Category 2 – School route planning

Organise some pedestrian training sessions or exercises on such topics as 'See and be seen'. Or why not plan a safe route to school using our interactive MobileKids Safety Map (p. 13) and submit that?

Category 3 – Creative workshop

Present a road safety topic of your choice in an imaginative way: photo collages, pictures, models, videos – be as creative as you like!

Category 4 – Road knowledge

Together with your students, answer a short online questionnaire about the MobileKids educational material and some general road safety topics.

Our tip: Increase your chances by entering more than one of the categories.