School material

The school material offers teachers long-term support with their projects on traffic education. Our support, which you can use to prepare all your teaching, encompasses six topic-based modules such as ‘Seeing’, ‘Cycling’ and ‘Being a road user’.

Road safety is important to us. That is why our school material draws on key aspects of road safety and supplements the teaching plan at primary schools. The material was created in collaboration with the University of Koblenz-Landau and offers teachers an add-on to their regular traffic education. We provide information, exercises and assignments on a wide array of topics like sustainability, road signs and public transport. The topics are bundled together in six modules, with their content tailored to children’s ability in the school years in question.

MobileKids school material is designed so it can be smoothly integrated into the overarching/education plans of the federal German states. Alongside the printed version, all the content is also available as a free download.