MobileKids School Campaign

During the school year, we again went on the search for exciting and playful primary-school road safety projects as part of the MobileKids school campaign.

Up-to-date info

Dear teachers,

the registration and submission period for the MobileKids school campaign will be extended. Further information and dates will follow.

If you are already participating in the MobileKids school campaign, please note that the prize won't be awarded at the scheduled time. We will also inform you about this as soon as possible.

We hope you understand that there may be delays in the dispatch of the school materials.

Your MobileKids team

Contest categories

Category 1 – Road Safety project

Document the implementation of your road safety project using our documentation form. In addition, you can also record the project with the children in the form of a written report with photos or creative painting or handicraft work. Everything is possible, from creative works to teaching units on the topics of bicycle testing, safe ways to school, visibility in the dark, alternative drive systems, etc.

Category 2 – Survey

Fill in the questionnaire when registering. It only takes a few minutes to complete the questionnaire. The content is about traffic safety and your experience with the MobileKids school material. We are also interested in: Why should the workshop take place at your school?

More information tis available in German.