Registration and MobileKids rules

Registering with MobileKids

What is MobileKids?

With our "MobileKids" road safety initiative, we want to make children fit for taking part in the traffic on our streets and roads. Since the program began in 2001, we have reached more than 2 million kids with our offerings. The intention is to teach children between the ages of six and ten in a playful manner how to be safe in traffic. The offerings of MobileKids range from extensive information and teaching materials for parents and teachers to contests for learning institutions and a wide variety of online offerings and activities.

What does MobileKids cost?

All offers from MobileKids are free of charge. Daimler is not pursuing any promotional goals with the initiative.

What does MobileKids offer you and your child?

It allows you to help increase safety for everyone by covering everyday routes together, deliberately taking note of special features in the traffic, documenting them and entering them in the safety map very easily.

Furthermore, we offer articles about road safety and mobility on a regular basis.

To supplement this, your children will find an area dedicated to them featuring games designed to help them test and expand their knowledge of road safety and sustainability and in an age-appropriate manner. This gives them a fun and entertaining opportunity to learn about all aspects of safe and sustainable mobility.

How safe is MobileKids?

The use of the MobileKids online offers is completely anonymous. There are no facilities for making direct contact with the users. The e-mail address used for registration is never visible.

The data requested at registration are saved in encrypted format in accordance with current safety standards. Personal data are not used for commercial purposes or forwarded to third parties. Personal data such as addresses or telephone numbers are never requested.

Entries (description of traffic junctions and comments) are immediately visible in the safety map. All entries are promptly checked by MobileKids editors.

How can membership be ended?

Send an e-mail with the following information to

Re: "Deregister", text: first name, user name

If you have questions, suggestions or problems, please feel free to contact us using the e-mail address above.

MobileKids rules

  • I only use my nickname at MobileKids

  • I do not disclose any personal data in MobileKids

  • I do not write any abusive comments, insults or other nasty things