Registration and MobileKids rules

Registering with MobileKids

Dear parents,

Your child has registered with MobileKids. Please read the information below carefully. It offers you initial information about Daimler AG's MobileKids initiative, the associated online offer which your child would like to use as well as a series of rules of conduct which are important for using the online portal. Registration is a pre-requisite for using the online offers.

What is MobileKids?

MobileKids is a traffic initiative of Daimler AG which has set itself the goal of making traffic education exciting and interactive. And children are our most vulnerable road users. Between the ages of six and ten years old, they are slowly but surely developing into independent road users. This is why it is important to make children aware of the potential dangers in an age-appropriate manner and to train them to behave vigilantly in road traffic so that they can get about in absolute safety. But this is not enough – the initiative follows a holistic approach. Not only children will find material customized for them at MobileKids, adults will also receive help in how to better protect and prepare their children.

What does MobileKids cost?

All offers from MobileKids are free of charge. Daimler is not pursuing any promotional goals with the initiative. Personal data are not used for commercial purposes or forwarded to third parties.

What does MobileKids offer you and your child?

It allows you, together with your child, to help increase safety for everyone by covering everyday routes together, deliberately taking note of special features in the traffic, documenting them and entering them in the safety map very easily.

  • Children can enter traffic points and comment on traffic points from other users.
  • In addition, adults can insert pictures to accompany the traffic points.

Furthermore, we offer articles about road safety and mobility in the magazine on a regular basis. We talk to reputable experts about their experiences and ask for tips on providing the correct traffic education. We highlight background information and deal with connected topics in our mobility. Read more about new trends and developments and gain interesting insights into innovations and technology. Topics which are trend-setting for our own future as well as for that of the generations to come are dealt with here.

  • It is also possible to write comments beneath the magazine articles.

To supplement this, your children will find an area dedicated to them featuring games designed to help them test and expand their knowledge of road safety and sustainability and in an age-appropriate manner. This gives them a fun and entertaining opportunity to learn about all aspects of safe and sustainable mobility.

Developed with the help of international experts, MobileKids has proved to be highly successful all over the world since 2001 in order to make children fit for the dangers in road traffic in an age-appropriate manner. The goal is to make road safety and accident prevention a natural part of everyday life for parents and children alike, thereby enabling them to work together to ensure greater road safety and to fulfill their daily mobility needs with absolute ease.

How safe is MobileKids?

The use of the MobileKids online offers is completely anonymous. There are no facilities for making direct contact with the users. The e-mail address used for registration is never visible.

The data requested at registration are saved in encrypted format in accordance with current safety standards. Personal data such as addresses or telephone numbers are never requested.

Entries (description of traffic junctions and comments) are immediately visible in the safety map. All entries are promptly checked by MobileKids editors.

Pictures can only be posted by registered adults. Questionable material can be reported at any time by clicking on "Report questionable material". Alternatively, it can be reported by sending an e-mail to

How can membership be ended?

Send an e-mail with the following information to

Re: "Deregister", text: first name, user name

If you have questions, suggestions or problems, please feel free to contact us using the e-mail address above.

You are kindly requested to read through the MobileKids rules on the following page with your child. We are happy to welcome your child as a member of MobileKids.

MobileKids rules

I only use my nickname at MobileKids

I do not give other people my personal data such as my real name, either in the description of the places in the safety map or in the corresponding comment function. This means that no-one can find out who I am or where I live. After all, we never know who we are dealing with on the Internet.

I do not disclose my password to anyone

I do not tell anyone what my MobileKids password is, not even my best friends. This means that no-one else can log on to MobileKids with my password and make entries in my name or change my profile.

I do not disclose any personal data in MobileKids

My real name, postal address, e-mail address and Internet address, telephone, cell phone, ICQ and fax numbers always remain confidential. Such data do not belong in my MobileKids profile or the safety map entries. After all, I do not tell every stranger I see on the street what my name is or where I live. Nor do I disclose the personal data of other people in MobileKids.

I do not write any abusive comments, insults or other nasty things

In MobileKids, I treat other people in the same way that I would like to be treated. After all, I do not like it when people send me bad words or want to annoy me in some other way. In MobileKids, I remain friendly, helpful and respectful toward others. Only in this way is it possible to work together, and the MobileKids are fun for everyone.

I contact the MobileKids team immediately if...
... something seems strange to me, makes me feel uneasy or even frightens me. I also talk to my parents about it. I can contact MobileKids by e-mail at any time at If something seems odd to me, it is easier not to have to cope with it on my own but to talk about it and receive support from others.