Kids’ Zone opens in Wörth


Toy trucks and wide-eyed kids at the opening of the Kids’ Zone play area in Wörth.

The boy’s big blue eyes gleam as he picks up the heavy pair of scissors in both hands and cuts through the balloon-decorated barrier tape with a single snip. Then he immediately throws the scissors aside and runs over to the Bobby-car truck, the other kids hot in pursuit, happily shrieking. Welcome to the Kids’ Zone, the new children's play area at the Wörth Customer Centre – now officially open!

MobileKids, a Daimler initiative to improve road safety, has created a play area in Wörth, where the children can immerse themselves in arts and crafts, play with remote-controlled garbage trucks and even cruise around on “big” Bobby-car trucks – no more boring hanging around while Dad collects his new truck!

Big trucks and little children

The sliding glass door opens with a quiet hum and we step inside the Customer Centre in Wörth. The tall trucks in the middle of the big hall tower up to the ceiling. The Future Truck 2025 gleams in silver. Still impressed by the spectacle of the huge vehicles we go on to see the blue MobileKids banners which proclaim today's opening of the new Kids’ Zone here.

No sooner have we arrived than we’re almost knocked over by the boys and girls rushing into the play area. The kids are from the “Sternchen” (“Little Stars”) childcare centre in Wörth; they are the first to be allowed to test the new play area.

Ready, steady, go!

“Mum, I want to go in now!” pleads a little boy, hopping impatiently up and down at the barrier tape. The end of the inauguration speech can’t come soon enough. Then the tape falls to the floor, green light for the kids to rush determinedly past the be-suited adults attending the opening ceremony and make for the Bobby Cars.  The Mercedes SL 300 is a hot favourite. Enviously, I watch the children play. It's a shame that I’m too big for the toy cars.

The remote-controlled garbage trucks are also highly popular. The children, aged two to three, enthusiastically push the buttons of the remote controls. The rubbish truck races screeching and clattering back and forth across the floor of the play area, accompanied by electronic sounds. It bumps into our legs, but no one minds: make way for the dustcart!

The hallowed hall

Directly beside the play area, behind a floor-to-ceiling glass window, is the delivery hall. This is where customers are united with their new trucks for the first time. The kids can also press their faces up to the window and watch from the other side as the mums and dads take receipt of their super-sized vehicles. Up to 470 trucks have been produced at the 2.4 million m² Wörth plant since 1963!

Child's play is exhausting work

As if by clockwork, on the dot of 11 the “little stars” begin to yawn. “I’m tiiired!” the little girl with plaits informs her mother, tugging at her sleeve. Play is a high-performance sport. Refreshments are on hand, however, and the kids summon up the energy to pose for a final group photo. They assemble, each astride a set of wheels. The children seem to have enjoyed themselves. Someone even tries to take the Mercedes SL 300 Bobby Car home with them. They ride it as far as the exit, but that's where the journey ends.

Test passed!

The new Kids' Zone has been given a rigorous test today and judging by the chaos the children have left behind it will have earned top marks for its fun factor. The Customer Centre in Wörth and MobileKids look forward to welcoming lots more visitors.

About the author

This article was written by Nina Enders. She is an intern in the Group Communications department, working in the Theme-based PR and Corporate Social Responsibility Projects team. She loves the “little stars” and is looking forward to more events organised by the MobileKids initiative.

Impressions from the opening event

In the days before opening there was much work to do!
High tension shortly before the official opening.
Of course there were presents für all young guests.
Everything was prepared for crafting fans, too.
Even in small cars you have to comply with some rules - fortunately there were small traffic lights, too!
The young drivers took care to avoid accidents.
Together with the adults there was a big puzzle to solve.
The Kids' Zone in Wörth is looking forward to the next vistors!