About MobileKids

Road safety is of prime importance to us all. Children are particularly vulnerable road users. Between the ages of six and ten years old, they are slowly but surely developing into independent road users: going to school, visiting friends in the afternoon or sport practice. For this reason, it is important to make girls and boys aware of possible dangers in an age-appropriate manner and to train them to behave cautiously in road traffic for safety reasons.

MobileKids adopts a holistic approach: not only does MobileKids offer children customized material, it also helps parents to protect and prepare their children even better.

Parents and educational facilities are made aware of the importance of hazard prevention and receive support in the form of comprehensive information and school material.

In addition, boys and girls will find a special area (For children) with games designed to test and expand their knowledge about road safety and sustainability in an age-appropriate manner.
In this way, they are taught all aspects of safe, sustainable mobility in a playful, entertaining manner.

The MobileKids school campaign grants children and educational facilities alike access to educationally valuable, age-appropriate and sustainable learning systems.

The concept has been tested internationally: developed with the help of international experts, MobileKids has been successfully active worldwide since 2001 to make children aware of dangers in road traffic in an age-appropriate manner.

The goal is to make road safety and accident prevention a natural element in everyday life for parents and children. This allows children and adults alike to ensure greater road safety and to go about their daily mobility with absolute ease.