Kids’ Zone opens in Wörth

Toy trucks and wide-eyed kids at the opening of the Kids’ Zone play area in Wörth.

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For Kids


At zebra crossings

  • Wait at the curb, and look in both directions several times.
  • If there is no traffic on the road you can cross quickly but don’t run.
    If a car is approaching make sure that it really does come to a stop.
  • Catch the driver‘s eye, and give him a hand signal by putting out a hand clearly in front of you.
  • Do not cross the road until you clearly see that the car is going to stop.

Rules at traffic lights

  • A red light means stay put.
  • A green light means you can cross the road quickly but do not run.
  • Even if the light is green you must still make sure that cars really stop (look to the right and the left).
  • Never cross the road diagonally. Always take the short, straight route.
  • Keep your eye on traffic when crossing the road.