Discover the mobility of the future as you play!

Airbag, child seat or even electric car. You've heard it all before! But have you heard of cars that are also able to drive all by themselves? At the Mercedes-Benz Gallery in Berlin children are given an insight into what adults like to call the "mobility of the future". Two schoolgirls, Liv and Rosa tried it out for us.

For Kids


At zebra crossings

  • Wait at the curb, and look in both directions several times.
  • If there is no traffic on the road you can cross quickly but don’t run.
    If a car is approaching make sure that it really does come to a stop.
  • Catch the driver‘s eye, and give him a hand signal by putting out a hand clearly in front of you.
  • Do not cross the road until you clearly see that the car is going to stop.

Rules at traffic lights

  • A red light means stay put.
  • A green light means you can cross the road quickly but do not run.
  • Even if the light is green you must still make sure that cars really stop (look to the right and the left).
  • Never cross the road diagonally. Always take the short, straight route.
  • Keep your eye on traffic when crossing the road.