School material (in German only)

The school material offers teachers long-term support with their projects on traffic education. Our support, which you can use to prepare all your teaching, encompasses six topic-based modules such as ‘Seeing’, ‘Cycling’ and ‘Being a road user’. The material was created in collaboration with the University of Koblenz-Landau and offers teachers an add-on to their regular traffic education. We provide information, exercises and assignments on a wide array of topics like sustainability, road signs and public transport. The topics are bundled together in six modules, with their content tailored to children’s ability in the school years in question.

Learning units

We want to help teachers educate children about traffic. Our learning units let you integrate the topic of road safety into your lessons with greater ease. Our four compact modules lay the groundwork for shaping a teaching unit on topics such as cycling or getting to school. The units contain guidelines for teaching, instructions for Q&As and practical exercises and games. We focus on feasibility when developing the practical elements. The exercises are easy to carry out within the school environment and include children’s experiences from day-to-day life. The guiding motto for every learning unit is: Learning road safety is important and should be fun.

Other (in German only)

In this area we have put together all other PDF files that can be found in different places on our website.

Videos (English)

Caution, wild animals!

Around the world, there are lots of different traffic signs to warn us about animals

Buckle up!

How can we keep children safe in the car and what seats are available for each age group?

Bike safety

There are nine things, all over the world, that make a bike safe in traffic.

Why are traffic lights red, yellow and green?

Traffic lights are important, wherever you go in the world. But why are the colours everywhere the same?

Was ist MobileKids?

Seit mehr als 20 Jahren hilft MobileKids bei der Verkehrserziehung.

Crafting instructions dark box

A homemade “dark box“ shows why it's so important to be seen in the dark.
Videos (German)

Wer kennt diese Verkehrszeichen?

Wir stellen die wichtigsten Verkehrszeichen vor, die jeder Radfahrer kennen muss.


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