Join us as we celebrate 20 years of MobileKids!

MobileKids is turning 20. To mark this milestone birthday, we'd like to take you with us this year on a journey through the world of road safety.

When we set up the project MobileKids in 2001, it was with the following principle in mind: safety first. Our aim remains, as it always has been, to equip children as well as adults to cope with the traffic on our roads. It is very important to us that our projects should be both educational and enjoyable. In 20 years of collaboration we have exceeded our own expectations: more than 100 projects, over 2 million participants and countless happy memories.

What we have achieved

Our material for schools and our online training sessions have allowed us to support primary school children on their journey to becoming independent road users. At a global level we have raised awareness for road safety and accident prevention around the world. We have particularly fond memories of meeting people in person at trade fairs, open days or concerts such as the Concert Summer at the Mercedes-Benz-Museum. Moki was always there with us and kept a record of it all.

Our favourite snapshots from the 'Moki Cam'

Activities to mark our special anniversary

We'd like to look forward with you to a future characterised by safe and sustainable mobility. Throughout the year, we'll be celebrating our milestone birthday with you and your children with a range of activities such as quizzes, games, videos and relevant information. For now, as then, the principle remains: safety first – for everyone, and for youngsters in particular.

Quiz: parents and children swap places

Now it's the kids' turn. Hand the mouse over to your child so that they can test their knowledge about MobileKids in the following quiz. Clicking around on our website and asking parents for help are, of course, allowed.


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