MobileKids at the 2018 concert summer


The Mercedes-Benz Museum beckoned for a long weekend with top musicians and a big children's and family day: MobileKids and 23,000 people were there. Many children picked up their children's driving licences from Moki.

The big children's and family day in the Mercedes-Benz-Museum on Sunday, 8 July, rounded off a fantastic summer weekend. MobileKids was of course right in the midst of it all with the traffic training centre and the new electric vehicles. With a little bit of theory and practice on the course, the children could pick up their "driving licence" from Moki. The family day lured more than 12,000 visitors to the hill and the museum with free admission and the best weather anyone could ask for. A super result for the second Mercedes-Benz Concert Summer, which will be continued in 2019. It was also a wonderful day for MobileKids.

Already on the days before, from 5 to 8 July, the Mercedes-Benz-Museum was once more all about musical culture: The 2018 concert summer thrilled the visitors for four days. Especially the main acts "Clueso“ and "Kontra K“ knew to inspire the nearly 11,000 fans mostly young fans. As a result, the cancellation of Savas & Sido due to illness was perfectly tolerable.

More information and impressions are available on the website of the Webseite des Mercedes-Benz-Museums, on Facebook and Instagram.

MobileKids at the 2018 concert summer

Moki hands out MobileKids stickers
The traffic training centre looks good in front of the Mercedes-Benz-Museum
Main act: Clueso thrilled the masses the evening before
Special guests: "Äffle und Pferdle"