On foot

You make your way to school countless times, and at all times of the year. Perhaps you cover the distance with your friends, alone or with a parent.

Whoever you walk with, and however long or short the route, you should take this advice to heart:

On the pavement

One thing is certain when you walk to and from school: you use the pavement. What's uncertain is how you behave. Do you carefully observe other people, and recognise their intentions in time? Do you keep an adequate distance from others? If you can answer yes to these questions, you are making our roads safer - well done!

It's your decision

Here are some hints, tips and advice for walking to school safely. But what especially counts is this: you and your decisions. For example, if you have overslept you will walk faster as you want to catch up with your friends. However, you should consider at what speed you are still attentive enough to recognise difficult or dangerous situations in road traffic. 

It's not the most daring who wins

Safety is the first priority, not daring. When you are walking with friends you should remember this. Because safety is by no means uncool. Show them that it's easy to avoid dangerous situations. Rather than crossing the road at a busy junction, continue to the next zebra crossing. Decide to take the safest route, and show that you're a traffic expert.

All understood? Ready to put it into practice? Then you can no doubt answer the following question.

What should you always observe on the pavement?

All ok?