School route planner

You're almost there. Can you already see the silver safety vest shining? Naturally this award is not given for nothing.

At this point you'll need to make more effort than ever before in this training. If it gets too difficult, you can therefore ask your parents for help. So let's get to work planning a safe route to school using a digital safety map.


For a safe route to school you need information. It's best if you grab a pen and paper, and note down what's important. What's the name of your school? Do you know the name of the street it's on? And where do you live? When you've found all this out and noted it down, you're ready to continue.

Excursion - Clicking on the link here takes you to the digital map. But pay attention, just take a brief look and then come back, as there's more to come.


There's quite a lot on the map, right? Have no fear, we'll manage it together and you'll become a real expert. Now let's find where your school and your home are. On the map, enter the name or address of your school in the search box. Don't worry, only you can see what you enter. Your search won't be saved anywhere. You can see the box in the photo above. Found everything? Remember what's located where - you'll need it in a moment. Don't forget to come back here.

Let's do some planning

You now know where your home and your school are on the map. Can you manage that again? Because we're going to draw now. Click on your favourite colour and draw the route from your home to your school. No problem if the line goes astray a few times. Just keep trying, and try to remember your route to school. When you've managed it, you can print the map /en/safetymap#/front?p=helpout and come back here.

Managed everything? Super! Now all that remains is the All-In Quiz. Now you've got this far, we're sure the questions must be easy for you. 


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