Right of way

Do you have good eyesight? Yes? Have you ever seen the following or a similar situation?

Example: A road junction is completely empty. A car approaches and drives directly towards the junction. Instead of making use of the clear road ahead and crossing the junction, the driver stops. He/she looks to the left, right and left again. He/she only continues when certain that nobody is coming. Why did the driver do that? It's quite simple: There is a traffic sign by the roadside that told him/her to stop. Because it's not always traffic lights that regulate the traffic. In fact it's usually traffic signs that do this, and decide who has the right of way. 

Stop! Give others the right of way

The red octagon is one of the most important traffic signs. If you see this sign ahead, you must stop at it. Whether or not you can see other road users. When you have come to a stop, you follow the l-r-l rule. Is the road clear? Then you can continue your journey.

! Those with right of way can go first !

Main road

The sign that looks like a square fried egg is almost as cool. If you see this sign by the road ahead, you have the right of way. You are allowed to go first, whether another car is coming or not. But to be sure that you're not overlooked, you should still use the l-r-l rule. Because not everybody's eyes are as good as yours.

Give right of way

Another red-and-white sign. What can this mean? Nobody said that this training would be easy. This triangular sign is not a stop sign - at least not directly. Any ideas? It tells you this: "Careful, crossing traffic has the right of way." So it's similar to a stop sign. The difference is that you don't have to stop. If you have a good view of the junction, you may carefully continue.

Have you understood everything? Then you surely know the answer:

A car driver stops at an empty junction. What sign has he/she seen?

All ok?