On a bicycle

You need to learn more traffic signs before you take to the road on a bicycle. This is not so easy, as it's easy to confuse the signs with their colours, shapes and circles.

Here are the most important signs you should know as a cyclist:

Bicycles not allowed

You are riding your bike and you see this sign ahead. A red circle with a bicycle in the middle. This red and white sign says that cycling is forbidden from here. So you'd better find a different route, or get off and push.

Pedestrian zone

This sign marks the start of a pedestrian zone. An area with no trucks, cars or motorcycles. What has this got to do with bicycles? Cyclists are not allowed either. In this area you must get off your bike and push it. Some adults forget this at times. But not you, get off and set an example - as a real traffic expert.

Bicycle road

What's this about? No doubt you've already noticed that this sign looks almost identical to the pedestrian zone sign. Both are white and blue. The similarity between the two is no accident. The square tells you this is a bicycle road. Only cyclists are really allowed to use it. You will still see the occasional car though, as the people who live on this road are of course allowed to drive home.

Have you understood everything? Then you surely know the answer:


Where are only pedestrians allowed?

Do you know?