Unusual signs

Before you're able to take part in the quiz, we need to show you a few traffic signs you've probably never seen before. Just an advance warning: some are really odd.

Unusual sign in Great Britain

This sign can also be understood by those who don't speak English. It shows two elderly people. As we now know, red stands for Careful. And there's the answer. Below the sign it says: "Elderly people" Because their eyes are sometimes not so good and they move more slowly, there is a special sign for them in Great Britain. You often see it when approaching retirement homes, and it tells you to be extra careful.

Unusual sign in Ireland

You've probably never seen this sign for real. We're fairly sure of this, because it stands by an Irish lake named Acres. It's the site of the first floating boardwalk. If you pass this sign, you are entering more than 200 kilometres of waterways and lake shores. So it was put there to make sure that nobody accidentally ends up with wet feet.

Unusual sign in New Zealand

Yes, that's a penguin. It's true, there are so many of them in New Zealand that warning signs have been put up for them because they sometimes lose their way onto the roads. To prevent accidents, this traffic sign warns drivers to proceed with care.

Unusual sign in South Africa

Here's another sign we found in South Africa: wheelchair user, cliff, crocodile. Not much we can say about that. So we'll let this highly creative sign speak for itself.

This time there's no final question, as you need all your strength for the All-In Quiz:


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