Module 1: How do I distinguish important from unimportant stimuli?

Road traffic is full of stimuli which the practiced eye can recognise, process and correctly evaluate. Children in particular need to acquire this capability. Our Module 1 "Seeing and being seen" trains the perceptive abilities of children. (Only available in German)

A dog runs along the pavement, there is a shop window full of toys just here, and over there a fire engine is racing down the road - these are things by which children in particular can easily be distracted. In the light of this competition, they can overlook important visual stimuli such as traffic lights, signs or hand signals by other road users. To prevent this they should be systematically prepared to take part in the road traffic environment.

Schilder sind für Kinder oft schwer erkennbar

With the MobileKids school material, they learn to assess stimuli and the meaning of road signs. This is most important, because for better visibility in road traffic, signs are positioned high up and often outside a child's field of vision. Our school material helps them to interpret signs correctly in any situation, and also to take other aspects such as wearing the right clothing at night and the behaviour of other road users into account.

„According to the psychologist Jean Piaget, primary school children mainly act in the specifically operational phase. Owing to this cognitive development stage, they have difficulties in associating a "traffic sign" as a symbol with a specific rule."(MobileKids school material)

The module is particularly suitable for year-one schoolchildren, but older children can also benefit from it. Moreover, the topics covered by "Seeing and being seen" follow objectives that are especially important for young schoolchildren. We recommend that you work through all the module components for a lasting learning effect (see copy template) - the material is available as a free download for classes.

What children are able to do after Module 1 "Seeing"

  • I have a trained ability to perceive and react to the surroundings

    I avoid risks in road traffic

    I know that a road user must always be visible, e.g. by wearing appropriate clothing or reflectors

    I can safely, independently and responsibly take part in road traffic