Module 2: Crossing the road

It is most important for children to respond proactively to critical situations in road traffic. This is why our Module 2 "Crossing the road" trains their attentiveness. The download is particularly suitable for teaching children in the second primary school class.

This training not only marks the start of a new phase in traffic education. It also marks the beginning of a new level of independence, whether going to and from school by bicycle or visiting a schoolfriend at home. For the first time the children absolve these journeys unaccompanied by an adult.

In the absence of parental protection, it is important for children to develop their own awareness of road safety. They must be conscious of their physical size, which means that they are easily overlooked and often have only a limited field of vision. Moreover, crossing a road with no traffic lights or zebra crossing is a hurdle for them. With systematic training as in Module 2, children will make it to the other side of the road safely.

"According to evaluations by the Federal Statistical Office, children on foot make mistakes when crossing the road in 90% of the road accidents they are involved in." (MobileKids school material)

The module is particularly suitable for year-two schoolchildren, but older children can also benefit from it. The focus of this chapter is on "Crossing the road" and the risks associated with it. We recommend that you work through all the module components for a lasting learning effect (see copy template) - the material is available as a free download for classes.

What children can do after Module 2 "Crossing the road"

  • I behave circumspectly and am aware of safety considerations and dangers.
  • I know what is important when crossing a road
  • I behave in a flexible and situation-related manner