Module 3: "Riding a bicycle", from pedestrian to independent cyclist

Children are unable to transfer the experience they gain as pedestrians directly to a bicycle. With practice and training they can progress to become independent and safe cyclists. Our Module 3 covers topics relating to bicycles, and is especially suitable for schoolchildren in years three and four. (Only available in German)

The children cycle to the swimming pool, to school or perhaps to their local football pitch alone for the first time. Everything is new and exciting, but also has potential risks. For a child taking to the road for the first time, attempting to juggle different rules, capabilities and knowledge can lead to hazardous situations in road traffic.

Our MobileKids school materials specifically trains them so that the first and subsequent bicycle trips are problem-free. As well as the rules and correct behaviour, Module 3 covers practical aspects such as appropriate clothing, contains training exercises and explains the components of a road-safe bicycle.

According to statistics of 10.07.2013 from the German road safety training organisation "Deutsche Verkehrswacht": "Children aged between 6 and 14 years suffered injuries particularly often when cycling alone, in collisions with other cyclists, or riding elsewhere than on road surfaces and paved areas." (MobileKids school material)

The module is particularly suitable for year three and four schoolchildren, but older children can also benefit from it. The material contains practical and theoretical exercises relating to cycling. However, the module does not replace the official cycling proficiency test carried out in schools. The aim of Module 3 is to give children additional preparation for the test and road traffic. We recommend that you work through all the module components for a lasting learning effect (see copy template) - the material is available as a free download for classes.

What children can do after Module 3 "Cycling"

  • I behave circumspectly and am aware of safety considerations and dangers.
  • I am aware of the rules, e.g. have knowledge of traffic-specific regulations.
  • I have extended my capabilities when handling a bicycle.
  • I adopt an anticipatory riding style.