Module 4: Sharing the road with others

Controlled interaction with others is decisive in road traffic. Children can endanger this with impulsive reactions. Our Module 4 trains them to give consideration to other road users, and is especially suitable for children in the years three and four at primary school.(Only available in German)

When children are on the road on bicycles, this is often a good reason for other road users to be especially cautious: what if they suddenly move into your path, disobey traffic signs or lose their balance? Yet it is not only adults who need to react appropriately in such situations - it is the interaction that counts.

Children should learn considerate behaviour at an early stage, and develop an awareness of the traffic around them. They should also take the possibility of mistakes by other road users into account. Our MobileKIds school material can assist you with this learning process. It helps the children to become familiar with the rules of the road, and to apply them with confidence.

‚ÄěPrimary school children have difficulty in seeing and adopting the point of view of other road users. (...) Children cannot imagine that car drivers or cyclists might have a problem braking or stopping in time." (MobileKids school material)

The module is particularly aimed at year three and four schoolchildren, but older and younger children can also benefit from it. This chapter assists children in their development into independent road users. We recommend that you work through all the module components for a lasting learning effect (see copy template) - the material is available as a free download for classes.

What children can do after Module 4 "Being a road user"

  • I am sensitive to the traffic situation.
  • I can confidently make decisions in road traffic.
  • I understand how to interact with other road users.
  • I behave flexibly and responsibly.