Module 5: Safe on the way to school

Many children make their own way to school by bus, bicycle or on foot. Our module prepares them for this with exercises, games and creative tasks. The module is relevant for all primary school children. We particularly recommend components 2 and 3 for children in years three and four, as these cover behaviour during bus travel. (Only available in German)

Children making their own way to school often need to make decisions: Where should I walk, can I cross the road now, will the bus driver see me? By considering, making decisions and responding, the children regularly train their independence and practice consideration for other people and their surroundings. 

To ensure that the trip to school goes without problems, children should prepare for it - and especially when travelling by bus. Different situations require a wide variety of reactions. In this module - and particularly in components 2 and 3 - we therefore provide exercises that guide children on their way to school, when getting in and out of buses, and on their behaviour in the bus.

"At the age of around nine years, a child's level of spatial vision corresponds to that of an adult. Now the child is e.g. able to recognise whether two cars of different sizes are the same distance away." (MobileKids school material)

The module is aimed at all primary school children. Component 1 is particularly suitable for children in years one and two, as this focusses on safety on the way to school. Components 2 and 3 have exercises on spatial awareness and behaviour in the bus. These are especially relevant for children in years three and four. The components cover various topics relating to safety on the way to school. We recommend that you work through all the module components for a lasting learning effect (see copy template) - the material is available as a free download for classes.

What children can do after Module 5 "Going to school"

  • I know what to be aware of when making my way to school.
  • I independently take part in road traffic.
  • I can find my way around the public transport system.
  • I know what is important when taking a bus.