Module 6: Mobility of the future

In the preceding modules we covered behaviour in road traffic, taught necessary skills and sensitised children to their environment. In this chapter we go a step further. The children get to know the history of mobility. On this basis we encourage them to think about the future of road traffic and become active. (Only available in German)

The car. Whether directly or indirectly, everybody has used one. It effortlessly takes us from A to B, and is a fixed part of everyday life. In fact this vehicle in particular is a relatively recent means of transport. When we look at the almost 200-year history of the modern automobile, one thing is clear: the needs of people change, and lead to constant change in the field of transport.

In Module 6 the aim is to make the children aware of this. They learn to recognise the opportunities of this transformation in the form of electromobility, drones in road traffic, or autonomous driving. The children solve problems on various topics such as the history of our means of transport. We also motivate the children to commit themselves to more safety in road traffic - because road safety is decisive in the past, present and future.

"Carl Benz invented the world's first automobile. It was a three-wheeler with a petrol engine and chain drive. The vehicle's engine had to be started with a flywheel. It drove at a speed of 16 km per hour." (MobileKids school material)

As these exercises require a great deal of independence, we recommend them for children in year four. The children are asked to consider the past and future of mobility. As the contents of the implementation ideas are based on each other, we recommend that you cover the components in chronological order (see copy template). The material is available as a free download for classes.

What children will know after Module 6 "Mobility of the future"

  • I know aspects of sustainable mobility.
  • I can find my way around combined means of public transport.
  • I know the advantages and disadvantages of different means of transport.
  • I have been motivated to take my own measures to improve road safety.