Teaching material for Switzerland

Please find the MobileKids educational material adapted to the Swiss curriculum below. All modules can be used variably or combined according to need.

More than 1.7 million children and youths live in Switzerland. They undergo a tremendous development before they are grown up. Especially the time as a primary school pupil between the ages of six and 12 is a formative period, because the little ones experience a number of firsts during that time. They experience the first day in school, they make their way to school on their own and at some point they do so on a bicycle.

To ensure that they are using the road confidently and manoeuvre safely through traffic, it is crucial to prepare them for it. They should practise rules, learn skills and build expert knowledge. MobileKids provides support for teachers and parents in this process. Together we teach the next generation how to be safe on the way to and from school and we have been doing so since back in 2001. In our global project, we teach children in a playful way what is important in traffic. We achieve this with six modules, each using exercises, games, questionnaires and know-how to focus on individual focal topics such as "Seeing and being seen" or "Riding your bike on the road". The material is now also available in Switzerland on the kiknet platform. The online portal offers access to over 180 lessons.

What children are able to do after modules 1-6

  • I watch out for myself and am courteous to other road users
  • I have expert knowledge and know the rules
  • I can ride my bike safely on the road
  • I can get my bearings
  • I can use public transport
  • I show respect for the environment


Modul 1

In this module, we answer basic questions to make it easier to become a road user. What is the right and precautionary behaviour? What do you wear in order to be seen? What signals are important?

In German: MobileKids educational material Module 1_CH "Seeing and being seen"

Modul 2

After the first steps into traffic have been taken, this module is about crossing the road. Module 2 teaches the little ones what they need to watch out for when crossing the road, what special situations they encounter in traffic and what rules apply abroad.

In German: MobileKids educational material Module 2_CH "Crossing the road"

Modul 3

The next module is all about the wheels - the bicycle. In order to give the pupils a comprehensive overview, we start with the technology and maintenance of two-wheelers, and from there move on to practical exercises such as the obstacle course and lastly we focus on the rules of the road.


In German: MobileKids educational material Module 3_CH "Riding your bike on the road"

Modul 4

Courtesy and cooperation are elementary in traffic. That is why we dedicate Module 4 to these topics. We use exciting exercises to show how to be courteous to other road users and how to react both correctly and fairly.

In German: MobileKids educational material Module 4_CH "Being a road user

Modul 5

The module that follows deals with the way to and from school. Children should get to and from school on their own if possible, because it fosters independence. Regardless of whether on foot, by bus or other public transport,  ere we show what is important and how never to lose your bearings.

In German:  MobileKids educational material Module 5_CH "Safe on the way to and from school"

Modul 6

The module that follows plays a special role in terms of substance. It is less about everyday aspects of the behaviour of children in traffic and more about a look ahead to the future. Here you'll find open work assignments on the topics environment, sustainability and modern mobility concepts that require a high degree of independence.

In German: MobileKids educational material Module 6_CH "Mobility in the future"