Unit: Bike pro

Children can cycle on the road from around year three onwards. This unit practices their motor skills so they can get to their destination safely.

Children enter year three with different levels of pre-existing knowledge. That is why our introduction to these practical lessons is divided into the following focus areas: Motor-skills exercises, controlling the bike and interacting with other road users. The unit also contains instructions for practical stations that can be set up in the playground. Children learn how to zigzag and swerve, for example.

At a glance

  • Six-page unit
  • Practices children’s practical cycling skills.
  • To print: Traffic signs
  • From year three

"Drag and Drop" game

Before participating in road traffic with a bicycle, it is important to test the bike for its safety on the road. In this "drag and drop" game, your students can test the knowledge taught in the unit. Playfully, they learn what elements a bicycle consists of.