Unit: School way

Children need to be aware of various things so they can get to school safely. In class, initiated by the learning unit, they learn to act independently and recognise obstacles.

When children walk to school, this has a positive impact on them. It improves their health, enables them to concentrate better thanks to the fresh air and boosts their social contact. For children to do this safely, they need to learn in advance how to behave correctly. Our learning unit helps them to do this. Children learn what’s important on the way to school through exercises on directions and the requirements for getting to school safely.

At a glance

  • Six-page module
  • Looks at getting to school safely
  • To print: Road map
  • From year three

Finding the way!

This learning unit is about the topic of orientation. Your students will learn how to orient themselves and find their way on the way to school. In the following game, the little ones can put the knowledge taught in the learning unit to the test: