Insel-Grundschule Pforzheim

First place and the title of "Germany's top MobileKids" went to the Insel-Grundschule Pforzheim primary school. 49 pupils in class 2a and 4b took an intensive look at the subject of road safety as part of a project week.

Theory and practical exercises were on the agenda – and plenty of fun too. Every day of the week had a different motto. While day one, for example, involved practising crossing the road at traffic lights and where the view was obstructed, the focus of day two was on clothing and how visible it is at different times of day and in different weather conditions. The third day looked at using caution in traffic. On the fourth day, the Insel-Grundschule Pforzheim took a peer-to-peer approach, with children from different grades assisting one another. The "big" children from 4th grade practised with the "little" children from 2nd grade and vice versa. By the end of the fifth and final day, all of the children were ready for a little test and the song "Mein Weg zur Schule" (my way to school). To show that they had learned about road safety, the children were given certificates that they could proudly present to their parents at home.

The subject of road safety has high priority at the Insel-Grundschule Pforzheim – irrespective of the MobileKids school campaign. The project week described above is just one example of the primary school's commitment to the issue. Close collaboration between the school, accident insurance and prevention organisations Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg and Verkehrswacht Pforzheim und Enzkreis e.V. and the driving instructor association Fahrlehrerverband Baden–Württemberg e.V., for example, resulted in the film "Mein Schulweg" (My way to school). It shows typical dangers faced by children on their way to school from the child's point of view and urges all road users to pay more attention.