Our quiz in February

Is your child already interested in traffic signs? Try out our brief introductory quiz together and make a joint decision about whether your child is ready for the online training on traffic signs.

Our quiz in January

Now it's the kids' turn. Hand the mouse over to your child so that they can test their knowledge about MobileKids in the following quiz. Clicking around on our website and asking parents for help are, of course, allowed.

Five tips for cycling

On the road with the bike: Whether it's a quick trip to the bakery, your first bike ride or the routine way to school - you'll get there safely!

Tips on road safety

What's really important in road traffic? How can you support your children? This is where you can find tips – counted on the fingers of one hand – that help your children to behave correctly in various road traffic situations.

Moki for you from Pálmonostora in Hungary

Today, I'm at Gárdonyi Géza elementary school in the small village of Pálmonostora, not far from the plant in Kecskemét. MobileKids is not only at the elementary schools in Kecskemét, but also in the district of Kiskunfélegyháza, in which the village of Pálmonostora is situated.

MobileKids is looking for the world's funniest road sign

No witches! Caution: Wombats for the next 10 km! Caution: Wheelchair users rolling down the hill may roll into alligators! Whereas some road signs are sensible and control traffic, others seem to be there purely for entertainment value. MobileKids.net is looking for the world's funniest road sign! And you can help choose it!

Getting to school safely on the bus or on foot

Making their own way to school helps children to develop their independence. As an alternative to being driven to school by their parents, for example, they can get there on the school bus or on foot. This helps train behaviour patterns that are key when it comes to staying safe around traffic.

The school run – misjudging the risks

At the beginning of the new school year many parents find themselves wondering what would be the safest way for their child to travel to school and home again. Often the vehicle of choice is the car. But many people underestimate the inherent danger posed by parents' cars as they drop off and pick up their children outside schools. The German motoring associations ACE Auto Club Europa and ADAC are therefore appealing to parents.

Fit for cycling

According to the German Federal Statistical Office, 9.073 children under the age of 15 suffered an accident while cycling on German roads in 2015. Although that is 5 per cent less than last year, even one child suffering an accident is nevertheless one child too many. As part of its new educational materials, MobileKids is now therefore dedicating a separate module to the topic of cycling.