See & Understand with MobileKids

MobileKids presents five free worksheets for traffic lessons. Paired with the explanatory videos, these result in interactive teaching units.

Do you remember the listening comprehension exercises from your school days? The teacher played something on the CD player and the pupils listened intently before answering questions or solving special tasks. Exercises based on vision are a further development of the whole. Videos have long since become an integral part of our everyday lives, which is why there are now also numerous explanatory videos on the MobileKids website. And so it was only a logical step for us to develop suitable worksheets for children of primary school age.

Under the title "See & Understand", MobileKids is presenting five new road safety education worksheets in time for the Didacta education fair. The interactive materials, which were developed in collaboration with Klett Mex GmbH, answer questions such as "How do I make an emergency call?" or "Why is it important to wear a cycle helmet?", for example.  The worksheets are aimed at different age groups and are available in both German and English.

These are the topics of the five worksheets

  • How do I make an emergency call (Class 2–4)
  • Why is it important to wear a cycle helmet? (Class 3–4)
  • How do I cross the road safely? (From Class 2 onwards)
  • What should I look out for at the bus stop? (From Class 2 onwards)
  • What are danger signs? (Class 1–2)

Each topic is supplemented by additional information for teachers. It explains the educational background and shows how the worksheets can be effectively integrated into lessons. This ensures lively and interactive road safety education. The skills the pupils acquire through the use of the materials are also mentioned. The offer is supplemented by further ideas for lessons and links to suitable videos and detailed school material.

You can download the free PDF documents either via this article's sidebar or in the "Learning" and "Download" sections.