MobileKids at the 2017 didacta exhibition


Road safety training – exciting and entertaining. Is that possible? How can I make my pupils aware of the dangers on the road? How can the subject of road safety training be practicably integrated into lessons at my primary school? We found out the answers to these and other questions on the MobileKids stand at the 2017 didacta exhibition, which runs from 14 to 18 February.

MobileKids has been striving to improve road safety world-wide for over 15 years. The initiative provides parents and teachers with information and helpful tools which they can use to prepare children for their role as road-users in a fun way.

At the 2017 didacta exhibition, we presented our extensive range, provided information about the nationwide competition for primary schools - the MobileKids schools campaign - and answered any queries about road safety training. Visitors had the opportunity to take a look at the current school materials, which could be ordered on the spot upon request and free of charge. We hold mini workshops on the stand from 16 to 18 February.

"didacta – the education exhibition" provides an overview of education courses, trends and current topics. With over 900 exhibitors and an extensive range of further training courses for teachers, educators and other education workers, didacta is one of the world's largest education exhibitions.

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