Become a bike pro

Practise, practise, practise: If you want to participate safely in road traffic on a bicycle, there is no way around it. A bicycle course helps and is fun!

Children - on bicycles - must ride on the pavement until their eighth birthday. For good reason, because there's a lot to look out for in moving traffic. The world of road traffic is made for adults, who already have a better overall view due to their height and are also more easily noticed by others.

As parents, we know this all too well. We therefore accompany our children on the pavement at first, and later when they first start pedalling on the road. We want them to have good control of their bike, feel safe and follow the rules. Finally, they should learn to watch out for themselves and others and to anticipate critical situations. We can help them with simple means.

Some things that are particularly important:

  • Starting off: One foot on the floor, the other foot on the pedal. But before starting off: Look around! Is a car or other road user coming from behind or from the side?

  • Cornering: Children can do this intuitively. But what is the right speed? How does the bike move with a heavy school bag on the rack?

  • Recognise obstacles: The brakes must be applied quickly and swiftly. What is right in the situation? Slowly ride around or stop and push? 

Of course, our children learn the most from us, whenever we are out and about together and set them a good example. But we can also practise together on our own bike course. Here's a digital "dry run" first. In our download you will find detailed instructions for creating your own course outdoors.

Start - Obstacles - Finish

Together with your child, think about how you could set up a bike course. Drag an action to the correct number. What's the right order?

Do-it-yourself bike course

You can create a bike course yourself with your children, preferably together with another family - it's more fun in a group.