Five tips for the bus journey

For many children, riding the school bus is part of growing up. With our five tips, the bus journey runs smoothly.

Speaking of protection, before we start, it's essential to obey the applicable hygiene regulations in buses and other public transport.

1. Mind the gap

Before we turn to the bus ride itself, let's look at an equally important scene: the bus stop. There is no bus in sight yet, but that's precisely why care must be taken. Remind your child to keep a safe distance from the kerb. Keeping a distance prevents falls into the road and hazards from vehicles that suddenly appear.


2. Boarding safely

Many an adult would also do well to remember the following tip. Hence our emphasis on the well-known rule: Let others get out before you get in. There's room for all in a school bus. And if not, the next one will be along soon. But one thing is sure: if everybody follows this rule, they will all arrive safe.


3. Hold on please!

Although the bus is among the safest means of transport, passengers need to be careful. It's most important to hold on to something. It's easy to forget that the bus driver sometimes brakes gently or not so gently. Seated passengers also need to take precautions. We recommend using the seat belt if these are available.


 4. Leaving the bus

The bus approaches the destination and comes to a stop. The doors open. The children are eager to get off. But stop! Remind your child to watch for cyclists or cars when exiting the bus. A prolonged look to the left and right. All clear? Right, out into the fresh air.


5. The walking school bus

A lastly a tip for beginners to bus travel. Practice, practice, practice - because bus travel also has to be learned. But how? We have come with a training exercise. The "walking school bus" helps children to understand the principles of bus travel and find their way around. You can find out how this works, and how tickets fit into it, in Modul 5.


Bus tickets as part of the "walking school bus" exercise