New coat of paint for MobileKids

A lot has happened on the website of the Mercedes-Benz road safety initiative. MobileKids offers new exciting topics for parents and teachers.

For more than 20 years now, MobileKids, the road safety initiative of Mercedes-Benz, has been campaigning for more safety in road traffic - and with great success. Since the start of the programme, the company has reached more than two million children worldwide, proving that mascot Moki and the content around the topic of road safety education are well received not only in Germany.

The MobileKids website plays a crucial role in this. Because in addition to countless events and campaigns that those responsible for the initiative have already put together, the online presence has always been the central contact point for teachers and parents when it comes to finding out about MobileKids or accessing the numerous learning contents.

Clearer and even more quality

Over the past months, we have been working diligently on the new look of the website - and now the site is ready. Just in time for 1 February, the day Daimler AG changes its name to Mercedes-Benz Group AG, the site shines in a more up-to-date light with numerous new contents.

In addition to minor visual changes and modernisations such as a clearer menu structure, clearer categorisation of the content and editorially filled margins for each article, the website is particularly impressive because of the new topics that are so relevant to children's road safety education. Because the goal is to make MobileKids even more informative, i.e. to tell high-quality stories.

For one of the new reports, Moki visited for example the former professional fencer Britta Heidemann as she was training with children in Leverkusen. The Olympic champion explained what skills are required in fencing and how children can benefit from them in road traffic. In the first edition of the format "Three questions to ...", Stuttgart police officer Iris Knaudt spoke about how the police help kindergarten and school children in traffic.

Numerous new video formats

The MobileKids offer is supplemented by various recurring video formats. While in the "Moki Check" important questions on road traffic (Why are the traffic light colours red, yellow and green?) are answered, the section "Did you know?" assistance of all kinds can be given (How can you make your bike safe?) In contrast, the short videos entitled "Traffic around the world" take a closer look at traffic in other countries (Caution, wild animals!).

With all the editorial content, however, the service concept should not be neglected. Thanks to the new overview pages "Learning" and "Downloads" overview pages, all learning content and the corresponding materials can be accessed with just one click and downloaded if desired. This is to ensure that no content remains hidden in the depths of the website and instead everything is easy to find.

And all MobileKids visitors can rejoice: Because we also have a lot planned for the coming months. A regular visit to the MobileKids website is definitely worthwhile. The editorial schedule is already well filled, which is why many new stories and videos will be produced and published in the future. But now have fun browsing!

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