Bus and train

Let's start with a puzzle: Where can you not keep a distance, cross to the other side or take another route - in fact go anywhere - while still moving?

Exactly, in a bus. Because in a bus or train, all the passengers share a restricted space. So it's all the more important to behave correctly when using public transport. You too can make sure that every passenger reaches their destination safely.

Getting in and out - safely!

You often have to wait before the journey begins. This is your opportunity. Now you can show that you deserve the silver safety vest. Wait calmly and keep a safe distance from the kerb. In this way you prevent dangerous situations. When the bus arrives, let the occupants get off. When nobody else wants to get off, you can get in - they have the right of way, so to speak.

Remember and stay alert!

The rules on the pavement also apply when taking a bus or train. Be considerate, as you're not alone! For example: don't block the way with your school bag. The best place for your school bag is on the floor, between your feet. There's also something more interesting you can do: observe the other passengers and see if anybody has more need of your seat than you. Old people, or people with a leg in plaster or on crutches cannot stand as long as you can.

Almost like home

School is over at last, and you're on the way home. All you want is to get home and put your feet up. But there is still a bus or train ride between you and your destination. So you must be patient and keep yourself under control. Make the journey as pleasant as possible for the other passengers by not placing your feet on a seat. You also need to postpone fun and games, as you're expected to behave quietly in a bus.

All understood? No reason why you shouldn't continue then.

Stop! Wait a moment! There's something else. We have a test question for you: Is the seat next to you the right place for your school bag?

Do you know the right answer?