School campaign

The MobileKids school campaign winners 2010

The winning class has been announced! The creative entry submitted to the MobileKids school campaign competition 2010 by the third grade at Zenneck-Grundschule in Ruppertshofen demonstrates the in-depth and imaginative approach that they and their teacher took to the issue of "How to behave in traffic".

The winning class is one of around 200 primary school classes that registered for the MobileKids school campaign in Baden-Württemberg last autumn. The key objective of the campaign was to initiate independent projects focusing on the subject of road safety and mobility. The MobileKids educational materials were used to teach pupils from 1st to 4th grade basic road safety, encouraging them to recognise everyday traffic hazards for themselves, teaching them to deal with various traffic scenarios cautiously and safely and, as a result, helping prepare them to cope expertly with road traffic.

In their presentation "How to behave in traffic" the winning class impressively showed what they had learned as a result of the MobileKids school campaign.