Under the motto "fun road safety training", the children of class 2a at the Otto-Dix primary school in Gera explored the area around their school. Together they learned how to deal with hazardous traffic situations.

Every fortnight, the children of class 2a at the Otto-Dix-Grundschule go to visit their school garden, which is around 10 minutes away. On the way, they practise crossing the tram lines, walking quietly in two rows and safely crossing the road. These exercises are supported by the MobileKids educational material, thanks to which the children recognise traffic signs and can judge hazardous situations.

On a big trip on foot to the local hospital, the 2nd grade pupils were finally able to practise what they had learned. The children were very aware of the route with its many roads, cars and traffic signs and later drew pictures of it. Class 2a took the bus back to school. This was another challenge for the children as they had to navigate their way around the expansive hospital grounds first to find the right bus stop. The aim was to increase the pupils' confidence in traffic.

The children's experiences fired their imagination. They used crayons and modelling clay to show their vision of the vehicles of the future, designed to make traffic safer.