Category 4: Schlossbergschule Kappelrodeck (2019)

Because many children in classes 4a and 4b at Schlossbergschule Kappelrodeck will soon have to take the school bus, a traffic quiz was developed on the topic of bus rides.

As part of the process of preparing the students leaving primary school for the next stage of their schooling by talking about the subject of bus travel (dangers and safety), Classes 4a and 4b took part in a traffic quiz. Until now, the students have all come to school on foot. Some of them will now be moving on to secondary school, becoming daily commuters. We would like to wish them every success and a safe journey to school in future.

The key facts at a glance

School: Schlossbergschule Kappelrodeck

Town: Kappelrodeck

Class: 4a/b

Teacher: Mr Streck

Number of students: Class 4a has 23 students and Class 4b 25 students.

School year: 2018/19