Category 1: Drümmelbergschule Bad Schussenried (2019)

Class 4c of the Drümmelberg School in Bad Schussenried prepared intensively for their cycling test. One attempt was particularly memorable.

The project comprised a cycling training course, with both general and practical tests of the learning objectives. The students were also required to complete a questionnaire covering the basic principles of road safety for bikes. There was also a "melon test" with a bike helmet, designed to show the potential outcomes of a fall with and without a helmet. Other aspects included researching and drawing traffic signs, as well as completing a book of exercises. Special emphasis was given during the training course to the particular risks that can arise in road traffic, while students were encouraged to learn important safety habits. First aid, selecting the best means of transport, a bike check and the ability to assess one's own abilities, were likewise part of the course.

Kinder fahren Fahrrad auf einem Übungsgelände
There were lots of practical exercises to help ensure the students' safety in road traffic.
Eine Person hält eine Wassermelone mit einem Fahrradhelm
A simple test with a melon and a bike helmet is all it takes to demonstrate that bike helmets can save lives.

The key facts at a glance

School: Drümmelbergschule Bad Schussenried

Town: Bad Schussenried

Class: 4c

Teacher: Ms Kolb  

Number of students: 24

School year: 2018/19