Road safety is also a major priority in Poland.

MobileKids Poland at a glance

  • Road safety park for children as part of the Orlen Warsaw Marathon event.
  • Safety circuit for children aged 2 to 10.
  • Road safety experts accompanied the children and provided valuable advice

As part of the Orlen Warsaw Marathon, MobileKids built a road safety park for children – complete with road signs, zebra crossings and more.

Here, children aged 2 to 10 were able to get behind the wheel and drive around a circuit in toy cars.

A girl drives in a small car. A woman next to her points at a road sign in front of both

Road safety experts accompanied the children on their drive and taught them, in a fun way, all about the rules of the road and how to behave in traffic. To wrap up the event, the group sang songs together and brochures were also handed out. This meant that the children would not only remember their fast-paced drive around the circuit, but what they had learned would also remain fresh in their minds for some time.