Travelling by bus and train

Whether to school, during leisure time or with the family: Travelling by bus and train is part of daily life for many children. But what is the right way to behave in public transport?

There are many reasons to travel by bus or train, especially for children. You don't need a driving licence and, especially in cities, they often represent the fastest way to get from A to B. According to Germany's Federal Statistical Office, they are actually also among the safest means of transport. Buses alone are used more than five billion times a year in Germany. This makes them one of the most important ways of getting about for us.

The bus

Many children travel to school by bus or use one at other times. Which is why they need to know how to behave properly: at the bus stop, when waiting for the bus, when getting on and off the bus and when inside the vehicle.

The gist:

  • Getting on: keeping away from the kerb is the key. Once the bus has stopped, the following applies: let other passengers off before you attempt to get on.
  • On the bus: sit down, if there is room, and hold on tight. Bags should not be left in the aisle.
  • Getting off: the bus stops, the doors open. Now the safety check: you look left, right and left again. All clear? Then you may leave the bus.

The train

Around 40,000 journeys by rail take place in Germany every day. Even if your child does not travel to school regularly by this means of transport, he or she will still use a train one of these days. Whether it's a shopping trip to the nearby town or a school excursion - the more independent the little ones become, the more they travel by public transport.

The gist:

  • You get in: There is also a lot going on on the platform: trains roll in and people bustle about. That's why maintaining your distance from the platform edge is the number one rule here. There is usually a safety strip that you are not allowed to step onto until the train has stopped. When boarding, please mind the gap between the train and the platform edge.
  • On the train: the best way to ride here is sitting down. Luggage should not be allowed to block the way.
  • Leaving the train: on trains, the distances are longer. So make sure you move towards the door in good time, do not push and, when you can, climb out carefully.

The Little Bus Driving Exercise

You can solve the following little game with your child.