School projects for traffic safety in São Paulo

Together with the Colégio Humboldt in São Paulo Mobilekids takes care of traffic safety in the brazilian metropolis. Today we want to tell you from a very special perspective how our projects are implemented and what students, parents and teachers have to accomplish.

Hello, everyone! It's me, Moki. I'm the mascot for MobileKids, the Daimler Initiative for safety in road traffic. I've been active in Germany for 15 years and I ensure that our school children are prepared for road traffic at an early stage. But I don't just want to get the little ones fit for road traffic in Germany: MobileKids is in different countries. I want to report on that.

Today I'm at the Colégio Humboldt in São Paulo in Brazil, where I'm teaching the pupils how to move safely in road traffic. The Colégio Humboldt is a school where kids and young people can learn together in the German and Portuguese language. They are between four and 18 years old. I've been working with the Colégio Humbold since 2014. The teaching materials I send the school have been included in the lesson plan and the school's own road safety education program "Auto Humboldt".

Since then the kids in Brazil have been receiving road safety education all year round. The teachers show the pupils what they have to do when walking, cycling or traveling as a passenger in road traffic.

The older pupils also enter writing competitions as part of the program, on topics such as "Mobility in the City". We have also held the "AutoHumboldt Walk" for the first time – where, for example, whilst playing we show the school community how important good behavior is when you are walking in traffic.

Every school year I come to the Colégio Humboldt, where I reach over 1000 pupils and their parents with my classes and teaching material. As well as my documents the teachers at the Colégio Humboldt have developed their own materials, and there are t-shirts and medals for taking part in events and even a "driving license" which is presented to the proud pupils who have completed the road safety education program.

And it gets even better: With support from Mercedes-Benz a lot of work was put into turning one of the school parking lots into a permanent road safety park where practical road safety education for the pupils is held in the open air.

But it's not just the kids who need road safety education, the parents do too. That is why the school has handed out information brochures to all the parents and shot a film to make us all more aware of how important safe behavior in road traffic is.

I am really pleased that I can help children find out more about safety in road traffic in this way and I will let you know about further projects.

At school the children learn everything they have to know about road traffic signs and rules.
In the schoolyard the pupils practice how they have to behave as real road-users.
When the children are ready we then go into the real road traffic in São Paulo.