Category 1: Erich-Kästner Primary School (2017)

The Erich-Kästner Primary School in Gera is no newcomer to the MobileKids school campaign and compelled this time with a campaign on bicycle safety.

A brief description of the project

The pupils of class 4a began the theory part of their training back in autumn 2016. During an intensive preparatory phase, the young road users learned everything they would need to know in order to cycle in the streets: What traffic signs are there and what do they mean? What's the right way to cross the street? How do I get round a roundabout safely? And what do I have to look out for when I leave a driveway?

The theory was followed by four days of practice. The children took to their bikes and cycled around different courses to consolidate what they had learned. Important factors here included obeying the rights of way and turning correctly, with hand signal. Children were also able to see first-hand how a cyclist should behave towards other road users such as pedestrians, cars or other cyclists. And to round it all off, things got exciting when it came to avoiding sudden obstacles in your path.

Afterwards the participants took a theoretical and practical test to prove that they were safe on their bikes. Some of the children clearly found it easy to cope with traffic, others still had a few problems remembering all the rules - but they will carry on practising with their parents.

School campaign at the Erich Kästner Grundschule

All kitted out, the pupils of class 4a at the beginning of their practice sessions.
Of course, for cycling proficiency training you need a (roadworthy) bike.
An introductory session for everyone before training with the school bus begins.
Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words: What happens when a bus runs over a potato?

The key facts at a glance

School: Erich Kästner Grundschule

Town: Gera (Thuringia)

Participants: 24 pupils from 4th grade

Category: Bike safety (1)

School year: 2016/17