Online road safety tips for children and parents in the MobileKids digital workshop for teachers

For more than a year now, terms like digital learning, distance learning or homeschooling have been part of our basic vocabulary. But how, in particular, do you design digital road safety education for children, which actually relies on practical outdoor road safety exercises? The MobileKids workshop for teachers at the end of April provided numerous online tips for educating children digitally in how to behave safely in road traffic.

MobileKids aims to support teachers, children and parents in everyday school life. On Tuesday 20 April, a digital workshop for teachers, looking at road safety education for primary school children, was held for the first time. In sixty minutes of digital interaction, speaker Katharina Dausch gave the 30 participants an overview of the MobileKids learning materials.

What does MobileKids offer?

Katharina Dausch, herself a former police officer and primary school teacher, began with an overview: What is MobileKids? What free materials does the road safety initiative offer? How do these link to the school curriculum and lesson plans? What online tools are available from MobileKids?

Our speaker Katharina Dausch led through the programme.


What form does the practical element in the classroom actually take?

After the introduction, the participants became active themselves. They tried out exercises that they will be able to do later themselves with their students. One of the most popular practical exercises was the game with clothes. First of all, this involved those who were wearing clothes that stand out well in traffic being asked to switch on their cameras. In a second step, those participants wearing less easily discernible outfits turned on their cameras.

The right clothes play an important role. This can also be practised playfully on the screen.

Exercises like this promote good judgement and knowledge while also being fun - and not just for children. More online games, educational material with different pictures to aid learning and also an image with a 'hidden object' to discover are available for teachers. Anyone wishing to prepare themselves and their children for safe behaviour in road traffic will also find a lot of information on the MobileKids internet pages.

Focus on bikes

Check your bike

At the end of the workshop, the focus moved to a theme suitable for spring: the bicycle. It is not only a popular topic in school lessons in the springtime, but also for many families who want to cycle through picturesque countryside and villages on a roadworthy bike. Online tips on how to get around safely on a bike, also for non-participants in the workshop, can be found here on our MobileKids website. (See also our drag 'n' drop-game.)

The digital teacher workshop was a complete success as far as we were concerned! We were able to show that road safety can also be taught digitally - and is fun! Here at MobileKids, we are very pleased that the workshop was so well received by the participants.

Further workshops planned

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