Category 4: Grundschule Tutow

The "Pommernmäuse" primary school has been participating in the MobileKids school campaign for many years. We were delighted to receive several entries from them again this year. The MobileKids school bus has already been in Tutow before back in 2012.

A brief description of the project:

What do the many different traffic signs mean? What do you have to be especially mindful of when you are on the road in the dark? Or what is actually the best way to cross a street? Schoolchildren who make their way to school without their parents should be able to answer questions such as these.

That is why, like in other projects, the pupils learned a lot about traffic and that knowledge was consolidated in practice. There were enough occasions and topics to do so:

How am I safe on the road with my bike?

What do you have to be especially mindful of when you are on the road in spring?

Start of school year: How do children get to school safely?

How does the MobileKids Safety Map help in planning the route to and from school?

In the category 4 - Traffic knowledge, the "Pommernmäuse" primary school in Tutow was able to win out over the other institutions thanks to their commitment.

There are so many rules of the road to learn!
Road safety education is even more fun with Moki and the MobileKids educational material!
The police seagull Klara motivated the pupils with full physical exertion!
Thank you very much for taking part and congratulations!

The key facts at a glance

School: Grundschule Tutow

Town: Tutow (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) -> [Auf der Safetymap ansehen]

Category: Traffic knowledge (4)

Participants: 29 pupils from third grade

School year: 2017/18