Category 1: Hainbuchenschule (2018)

Class 4b of the Hainbuchenschule spent six months preparing for their cycling test with different modules. See for yourself!

A brief description of the project:

The pupils had been working with the MobileKids educational material Module 4 "Being a road user" already since late October. They formed expert teams and each group presented the information they gathered in the form of lectures. The presentations were aided by posters the children had designed themselves.

For the subsequent practical part from Module 3 "On the road with the bicycle", a cycling proficiency course was set up in the school yard. The children practised to ride and control their bikes safely. Passing the bicycle safety inspection and fixing any defects where necessary was mandatory for all.

Finally, in January the children were prepared for the cycling proficiency test in terms of theory and practice by our competent policeman from the Association for the Prevention of Road Accidents. Everybody benefited from the already completed exercises

In addition, the children created drawings about the subject "On the road with the bicycle" in art class using markers and crayons. The intention was to illustrate what all a cyclist might see while on the road. They created imaginative, accomplished drawings.

Finally, the module came to a close with the cycling proficiency test given by the Association for the Prevention of Road Accidents. In this way, all pupils of 4b were prepared for participating in road traffic and hopefully are now safe road users.

Before things get started, the bicycle has to be inspected first.
On your marks...
... get set...
... and GO!
In addition to the classic slalom, the children also had to demonstrate their skill during other tasks.
For example, they also had to hold balls while riding their bikes...
... or drive down some stairs without crashing.
Hainbuchenschule in Hagenbach deserved to win! Congratulations!

The key facts at a glance

School: Hainbuchenschule

Town: Hagenbach (Rheinland-Pfalz)

Category: Bike safety (1)

Participants: 20 pupils form 4th grade

School year: 2017/18